What is About Bonpounou Gospel Network?

Here's What We're All About!

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Raymond Moise
Raymond Moise created bonpounou in 2007 in the hope to bring people to think more about the commonsense. Life is too short not to enjoy what you do everyday. At bonpounou our goal is to help you make the most of the 80 years you have on this planet by connecting you to the real world opportunities that can help you achieve your goals and realize your dream .
The concept of BONPOUNOU means: "GOOD FOR US". Bonpounou is the site where everybody is able to get almost everything they need and also the site for all generations. At bonpounou we think about education, the Lord of Lords, the formula for a better life, information, technology, recreation and much more... The philosophy of bonpounou is simple. That's mean help people to think more about a better life in this world. Visit bonpounou at anytime can help you change your life in a good way. Bonpounou provides the good manner for your kids. Thinking about him, you and I is the best for bonpounou. Bonpounou is good for all generations. Let your community know about bonpounou which is the best of your best. Who is Raymond Moise? Raymond is an honest man who studied civil engineering at the Superior Technical Institute of Haiti (ISTH) or Kay Leconte, Class of 93-98. He's a person who doesn't think about himself only, but he thinks about everybody and for everybody. Raymond Moise is the owner and the designer of this site (Bonpounou).