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Common Drugs Made from Plants

Many of these plants are poisonous and if swallowed can cause serious illness or unconsciousness. They should only be used if administered by medically trained professional.

Plant Drugs Used

Amazonian liana Curare Muscle Relaxant

Annual madwort Artemisinin Antimalarial

Autumn Crocus Colchicines Antitumor Agent

Camphor Tree Camphor Rubefaciant; used in insect repellent and medical inhalants and liniment

Coca Cocaine Local Anesthetic

Common Thyme Thymol Antifungal

Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna) Atropine Anticholinegic

Dug Button (Nix Vmica) Strychnine Central Nervous System Stimulant

Ergot Fungus Ergotamine Analgesic

Foxglove Dig Toxin, Digitalis Cardio Tonic

Indian Snake Root Reserpine Antihypertensive

Meadowsweet Solicylate Analgesic

Mexican Yam Dysgenic Birth Control Pill

Mint Peppermint Menthol Rubefacient

Opium Poppy Codeine, Orphine Analgesic, Antitussive

Pacific Yew Texel Antitumor Agent

Recurred Thorn Apple Scopolamine Sedative

Rosy Periwinkle Vincristine, Viblastine Antileukalmia

Tea, Coffee and Kola Nuts Caffeine Central Nervous System Stimulant

Velvet Bean L-Dopa Antiparkisonian

White Willow Salicylic Acid Topical, Analgesic

Yellow Cinchona Quinine Antimalarial, Antipyreti